Neuroscienceing the NFL: How Player’s Brains Read Plays

How do quarterbacks and middle linebackers read plays. The Brain Buddies, University of Chicago professor Peggy Mason & Sciency funnyman Aaron Freeman look at some neuroscience of looking and how the cerebellum helps make playmaking possible.


Biohacker Pt. 2 – Democratizing Medicine vs Trivializing Expertise

How worried are you about the effect of DIY genetic engineering?

Biohacker Josiah Zayner is founder of Odin a company that sells home gene editing kits for fun and research.  In this episode we talk about our fears and excitement about the product and its broader implications for the world.


Biohacker pt. 1 – Researcher Heal Thyself


Josiah Zayner calls himself a biohacker.  He suffers from something like irritable bowel syndrome which he attempted to self-treat by replacing his entire microbiome. His story was featured in the New York Times but we have our own, neurosciencey take on his adventure. The Times also produced a video about Dr. Zayner’s


WBEZ’s When Shooting Feels Like a Drug – a Neurosciency Review

In this episode, we look at a bit of the neuroscience underlying the Chicago Public Radio report by WBEZ reporter Rob Wildeboer about a former gang member’s experience of gun violence. The report is part of WBEZ’s ongoing series “Every Other Hour,” a reference to the frequency with which someone in the city is shot.

When Shooting Feels Like a Drug – Rob Wildeboer

Ketogenic Diet Podcast


How would you like a diet that REQUIRES you to eat all the buttery, fatty foods you could possibly want AND helps you lose weight AND helps prevent seizures?  Sounds great, huh? Now imagines one that demands that you eat MORE of those foods than you can stand… but still calms your brain.  Meet the ketogenic diet.